We have hit December and that means Christmas trees are being pulled from the garage, shed or even the spare room closet. It also means the lights are coming back for another run on the tree or around the house.

It is important that if you are getting out last year’s decorations make sure that they are not faulty, the plugs are not worn, and the cords aren’t frayed.

Faulty, aged or incorrectly installed lights have the potential to start a fire – one spark is all it takes. It’s also important to not overload power boards as plugging in too many cords could start a fire.

Make sure you only use lights designed for external use outdoors and ensure the Christmas tree is not blocking an exit.

Make sure to always turn off any lights or powered decorations when you leave the house and when you head to bed. And of course never leave children or pets unattended around candles.

Christmas is meant to be a fun time of year and the last thing anyone wants is a fire due to poor decisions that could have saved so much pain.

Stay safe and have fun and remember to make sure your batteries still have power in your smoke alarms.  

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