An elite Logan artistic roller skater will be taking on the world later this year at the Oceania games and is in full training to deliver her best performance.

A1 Artistic Roller Skating club member Kate Galbraith, 14, secured her spot in the Oceania games to represent Australia following her success at the State and National Artistic Roller Skating Championships.

Kate took home a third place at the state competition for under 15 Cadet Ladies freeskating and achieved a fifth place overall for the nationals. As the top seven places at nationals are given entry to the Oceania games, Kate is on her way there in October.

Kate said that it was a lot of intense training and all came so fast.

“It was pretty much a whole year of training three times a week. There’s been blood, sweat and tears, especially sweat in summer,” she said.

“To represent my county is an honour considering the amount of work the whole team has put in.”

Artistic roller skating is a demanding and beautiful sport – strength and speed are combined with grace, poise, precision and agility.

Artistic roller skating is a fun, fairly safe sport that is practised worldwide. With four different disciplines, Kate competes in freeskating, which is an individual performance. It involves a choreographed routine to music that incorporates jumps, spins and intricate footwork that creates a dance and drama of the skater’s artistic impression.

Kate began her skating journey just under six years ago when she turned a hobby and weekend day out with friends into her sport of choice. Her parents enrolled her into the club and Kate was fast to pick up the moves.

There are many reasons why Kate continues to skate and progress in the sport and that is because she just loves it.

“I love the feeling of landing a clean jump or doing a flawless spin; although nothing is ever perfect and a lot of work goes into training these elements.

“Plus competing and seeing friends from all over Australia is definitely cool.”

Although now on the road to success, Kate has had a few setbacks along the way. Last year she broke her arm and was unable to compete or train for nine weeks. She has also had the highs of passing the third bar to get to state, than nationals and soon the Oceania games.

“Since I began freeskating, my goal has been to compete in the world championships.”

With the Oceania games in October, Kate is on her way to making her goal that little bit closer.

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