Sometimes we never really take in what we have and there are times that come up in life where we really need to appreciate where we live and how lucky we really are.

The City of Logan is home to more than 327,000 people from more than 217 different cultures. This mix of culture has made what this city is today, diverse. A vast creation of exciting places to eat, visit with so many different activities that it’s hard to keep up.

Logan City Council say that the population is also young with around 50 per cent of residents aged 30 or younger. In what is an aging population in Australia, Logan is keeping the energy and enthusiasm giving us a real vibrancy.

On top of it being a wonderful and exciting place to live, the business community is flourishing with booms in many different fields. Two of the biggest is coffee roasters and micro-breweries as Logan jumps on the coffee and craft beer train.

Places like Simply Beans in Underwood have come alive and really draws in the people from not just Logan, but Brisbane and further. With their own special blends and friendly hospitality, the coffee scene is becoming comparative with a certain southern state. Monkey Tree Brewing Co., also in Underwood, has really come alive and offers something different for the city. New blends, new ideas and all right here in the growing Logan.

Because Logan is ideally located between Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast with easy access to the major highways and rail, the expansion of commercial zones shows that this is the place to make money in business.

Large companies such as DHL, TOLL and Continental all have warehouses in Logan and that gives jobs to locals creating a lives in this city.

Cultural pursuits feature strongly in Logan City and the council and state governments have seen this and support expansion and growth. Places like the Logan Entertainment Centre which first opened back in 2002 lead to a new era of shows and other functions within the city limits. Places such as the historic Kingston Butter Factory that is getting a major multi-million dollar upgrade which will boost business and entertainment.

Each year the Beenleigh Show comes rolling in and this has been a staple for in the city for over 140 years. While it has changed a lot with the times, there is a still a heritage feel to the show that Logan residents love.

With more than 1,100 environmental and recreational parks throughout the city, there is always a place of green. Many feature dog off-leash areas, exercise facilities, play equipment and skate ramps and in recent years so many have had upgrades.

The city isn’t all buildings and streets. There are pristine bushland reserves and wetlands, as well as waterfront parks along the Logan River. The Daisy Hill State Forest and Daisy Hill Koala Centre are just two examples of city green space.

The best thing to me about living in Logan City is all the wonderful people out there doing so much good. Not everyone can volunteer or donate, but being a good person helps make the city better. We are all neighbours and by sharing a smile the world is a much greater place and we can all enjoy living our lives in the best part of South East Queensland.

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