Logan City’s new council has been officially sworn in today, following the Electoral Commissioner for Queensland’s declaration of the results of the election yesterday.

Councillors were sworn in this morning at the Logan Entertainment Centre in Logan Central with heavy restrictions in place.

The ceremony which is normally open to the public was a closed affair as the new team were allowed only one person from their family to attend and all present had to stick with the Covid-19 social distancing.

All but four of the sitting Councillors are first timers and all will be in office for the next four years.

Mayor – Darren Power
Division 1 – Lisa Bradley
Division 2 – Teresa Lane
Division 3 – Mindy Russell
Division 4 – Laurie Koranski
Division 5 – Jon Raven
Division 6 – Tony Hall
Division 7 – Tim Frazer
Division 8 – Jacob Heremaia
Division 9 – Scott Bannan
Division 10 – Miriam Stemp
Division 11 – Natalie Willcocks
Division 12 – Karen Murphy

Jacob Heremaia who is the new Councillor for division eight is the youngest Councillor in the state of Queensland. A claim to Logan and showing that age is not an issue however many eyes will be watching him and the Council as a whole.

The new Council will now go through induction and other important steps in the process of learning their new jobs.

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