Being involved in a house fire is a devastating situation to be in and Logan is still at the pointy end of the statistics, which is not one that the city is proud of.

While Brisbane leads the fire callouts for the South East with 156, Logan takes on second with 35.

The most dangerous area of the house for a fire is the kitchen and this is reflected in the numbers with 44 per cent starting in the kitchen/dining areas.

The next most common place for a house fire to start is the sleeping area with 11.5 per cent of house fires in Queensland staring there.

The lounge room comes in third with 6.5 per cent followed by the garage at 5.2 per cent, the laundry at 4.4 per cent and other areas of the home total 28.4 per cent.

Thursday nights are leading the way with the greatest number of 000 calls for house fires followed by Friday’s and Sunday’s.

Sadly, another five lives were lost in residential structure fires across Queensland this quarter, April to June, bringing the total lives lost for the year to 12.

Logan House Fire Support Network founder Louie Naumovski says people really need to work harder on keeping fire safe.

Louie Naumovski – Logan House Fire Support Network

“While smoke alarms are a key factor to saving lives, many fires can be avoided, particularly kitchen fires.

“Don’t stop looking while your cooking is the key message and having a fire blanket and fire extinguishers are vital, while also knowing how to use them.

“People need to establish that their smoke alarms are working correctly by using the test button on the alarm, press it and ensure the sound of the alarm is loud and clear which means it is working correctly. If this doesn’t happen check the battery and the alarm itself.

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to all families affected and while I like helping the community, I don’t want to meet you because your house burnt down.”

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