Tucked away up behind houses and shops and next to a day care on Allamanda Drive is the Daisy Hill Squash & Racquet Club which has been operating since 1977.

In 2018 the club was purchased by professional squash player Bradley Hindle and his family and they began to rebuild and improve the club to bring in back to its 1980s glory days.

Since the club was taken over in 2018 the team have seen a large increase in memberships from 50 to around 400 members. This has been a continual work of passion for Bradley and his crew and today they officially commissioned the new sports café.

Mick de Brenni and Bradley Hindle

Prior to COVID taking hold in March, the club was on the return and was gaining a lot of support from locals. Come March 23 the club had to close to the public but this didn’t stop Bradley and the team as they applied for grants and worked with their sponsors Harcourts Nexus Springwood and Audi Springwood and began building the café.

Bradley said that after spending 20 years abroad I can say it’s a pleasure to be back in Logan and I’m proud to be at Logan.

“When COVID hit we didn’t stop and applied for the grant and when it was approved we started building the café.

Cr Mindy Russell

“COVID didn’t stop us at all. We got hungrier, we got happier and we got healither and we made sure we got things done that when we did reopen they could say wow we didn’t sit down, you didn’t complain and you got it going.

“I’d like to make this facility for our community, not just squash but somewhere we can talk sport and we can be comfortable in an environment where we can say we can meet here next week or tomorrow and bring the kids in and have a great family community environment.

Councillor Mindy Russell said today this is the only remaining squash club in all of the City of Logan so that is pretty amazing.

Mayor Darren Power

“Over the years the club has had four owners and was purchased by the Hindle family in 2018. Brad and the crew are incredibly passionate about the sport and the community and they wish to provide a spectacular facility for all of the members and you can see they are succeeding in doing that.”

Mayor Darren Power has known Bradley for many years and had heard him speak about squash and the passion he had for it.

“We’ve now got a home for squash and it’s thanks to this man here Brad Hindle,” said Mayor Power.

“I’m so relieved that he’s actually done it and we’re at the pointy end of making it happen now. The bar is fantastic and not just about sport now, it’s about the social aspects, and it’s about coming down here and meeting your friends.

Mick de Brenni MP

“I think Brad’s just got in on the start of it and there’s going to be a relaunch of squash and hes made a home here in Logan and he’s put his money where his mouth is and made it happen.”

Minister for Housing and Public Works; Minister for Digital Technology; Minister for Sport Mick de Brenni MP said when we had to lay down our rackets here at Daisy Hill Squash & Racquet Club when COVID hit, Brad was very clever in switching out squash players for tradies.

“Many of them volunteering their time and going the extra mile to make sure that this vision was able to be delivered.

“I think that it is extraordinary that we are here on this special occasion after what the challengers have been and thrown at this club but also all of us as Australians.

Bradley Hindle

“I want to propose a toast to a couple of things; to Australian Squash, to our community, to Brad but most of all to Daisy Hill Squash & Racquet Club, cheers.”

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