The long awaited opening of Flagstone Central came today with the newest Woolworths supermarket in Queensland opening early to special guests and staff.

The new complex on the corner of Homestead and Bushman Drive has been a development project by Stockwell and features the 3500sqm Woolworths and 21 specialty retailers.

The site is that of the former Flagstone Village Convenience Centre and has been completely redeveloped with eateries, services and a gym to help keep the area up to date with the ever expanding number of local residents.

Federal member for Wright Scott Buchholz MP said I think the presence of any Woolworths in any community is an inherent sign the community is maturing.

“Woolworths don’t make these significant investments flippantly; they make them because they have a commitment to an area, Flagstone in this case, and they’re in for the long hall.

“We look forward to the job opportunities that will eventuate from Woolworths being here in the community.

“Of course there are opportunities for local suppliers; flowers, vegetables and we are renowned in this district for producing some of the cleanest vegetables in Australia.

“These investments will set the community for the next couple of decades and we welcome it.”

The Woolworths alone has employed 70 staff with 15 being new to the company while the speciality stores in the complex have also been hiring locals. Café Flagstone advertised for staff via their Facebook page prior to opening with many locals looking to work for the established in their new store.

State Member for Jordan Charis Mullen MP said I’ve been the member here for less than three years and I have to say to you that when I became the member here we had one small grocery store in Flagstone.

“I think what we’ve now got is choice and that’s brilliant for our local consumers here and I’m confident that the people of Flagstone will be good neighbours in return and support the Woolworths store as well.”

Store manager Carissa thanked her staff for the work they had put in prior to opening and was looking forward to getting started.

“I really do appreciate all the hard effort you have all put in and it really shows what we can do and that we have a really lovely dynamic.

“It’s time to trade and be a part of this community. We are going to be a solid part of this community so it’s going to be really nice to show what we can provide for everyone.

Carissa than introduced her leadership team and presented them with gifts of thanks before the staff dispersed to their sections.  

When the speeches were over the doors were officially open for the first time to customers and trading was underway.  

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