Today marks 10 years since Australia’s worst residential house fire in Slacks Creek that claimed the lives of 11 people, eight of which were children.

Logan House Fire Support Network has passed on a statement from the families involved. The Taufa and Matauaina families would like this statement to be conveyed to everyone.

Sometimes 10 years can feel like a whole lifetime. But there are also many moments when it can feel just like yesterday. Over time, grief changes but it does not become less. That empty place, that missing piece remains.

On the special days like birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, the feeling is still so raw.

As the 10th anniversary came closer, we agreed together that we would hold a remembrance ceremony and invite immediate family members and close friends to remember them.

For it is in our memories and in our hearts that our loved ones stay with us always. They were too beautiful to ever be forgotten.

Coping with the loss hasn’t been easy. Our hearts have been broken but God has given us our families, our friends, and our community to help us mend. The support you all have given, and your words of encouragement have brought us comfort.

So, on behalf of our families, we want to use this opportunity to say thank you. Words cannot express our gratitude for being with us 10 years ago, for standing with us then and still standing with us today. Your love for us will not be forgotten.

We want to thank everyone that contributed to the rebuilding of the Taufa Family home, a place which holds so many precious memories. There is a very long list of local and interstate businesses who graciously donated to the project with funds and materials or just gave generously of their time and energy.

For the sake of not forgetting anyone, we want to say thank you to all for your support. You did not just rebuild a home, but you helped us rebuild our lives.

We also want to thank our first responders, the men, and women in uniforms for their tireless efforts and the gruelling task they faced to bring our loved ones to us.

In our darkest hours, over painstaking weeks, The Queensland Police Service and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services – QFES, did everything they could to help us bury our beloved.

Lastly, we also want to thank the City of Logan and to everyone near and far that mourned with us, who prayed and sang for us, who showed such an enormous outpouring of love.

We are truly overwhelmed by the love we have received from so many of you.

Our prayer is that our Heavenly Father may bless you for all that you have done. Big or small, or in silence, whether it was well wishes, thoughts and prayers, monetary contributions, or housing.

On behalf of the Taufa, Lale, Lee and Matauaina family, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We are humbled and healed by the love we have received. Your kindness will be remembered always, and we will be forever in your debt.

We live with faith, that one day on that glorious morning, we will be re-united with our loved ones in that place that Lord has prepared for us. Where there will be no more suffering, no more sickness and no more tears.

We will be with them forever, but until then, we miss you all.

Rest well and we’ll see you soon 11 Angels.

Fusi Kalau Taufa  
Anamalia Taufa 
La’haina Uheina Taufa 
Kalahnie Fusikalau Fiavaii Taufa 
Ardelle Tapenisi Lee 
Teukisia Jeanette Lale
Jeremiah Lale
Lini Paul Lale
Jeanette Lafoa”i Lale
Selemafi Letioa Lale
Richard Steven Lale

Statement supplied by Logan House Fire Support Network

Photo by Bruce Billing

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