Dogs are mans best friends and it is without a doubt that they love us back, give us affection and wag those tails with pure happiness when they see us.

Unfortunately, not all humans are as pure as a dogs heart and this means the need for rescue groups to save them and help find them a loving home.

SEQ K9 Rescue Inc started operating in March 2016 and have been helping save dogs lives ever since. Based out of Logan City, they not only work with animals here, the volunteers also save dogs from rural areas.

SEQ K9 Rescue work hard at helping, rehabilitating, caring and re-homing animals in need. This includes animals that are unwanted or have been dumped in the pounds and they also take on dogs that are at their end of life and make sure they have the best they can for the time they have.

Last month some of the volunteers and rescue dogs stopped into Aussie Pet Collective at Slacks Creek to sell raffle tickets and raise some needed funds to help the rescue continue doing what it does. Also to give the rescue more awareness in the community.

President and Founder Lisa Barton said that a lot of dogs are still dying in the pounds and coming out of COVID a lot of people are surrendering their dogs because they either don’t have the time or the dog takes more time then they thought or the dog has grown bigger then they thought.

“The excesses go on and the pounds are full and if there aren’t more rescues taking in dogs from the pound there are more dogs being killed.

“We get dogs from Mt Isa through to Sydney but if need be, we can bring them up from Melbourne and out west. But most of our dogs come from rural areas because that is where the highest need is.

“Most of the breeds that are coming through are bull breeds. Bull breeds being staffys, bull arabs, bull terriers, anything in the bull breeds. They are also the hardest to rehome due to the fallacies that they are dangerous, but they are a pretty good breed to foster.

“We are self-managed when it comes to funding. All our fundraising goes towards our dogs. We have a stall down at Aussie Pet Collective, events in pet stores, advertise on Adopt a Dog and they give us a donation for every dog that is advertised through them.

“Unfortunately, we do not receive any government funding, its basically what comes through our adoption fees that keep us going.

“At any one time we will have between 40 and 70 dogs in care. That can change as it depends on how many puppies we have and palliative care dogs that stay in our car full time.

“We will always take in palliative care dogs. We have special cares who just want to make the most of the last days/years of a dog’s life.”

It is not always about helping after. The volunteers work hard to get information out to the public to try and prevent unwanted litters.

“We also have the last litter program where we have been hitting a lot of western towns with a lot of advertising.

“We drive out and collect the pups then send the mum to the vet to have her desexed so she can’t breed again, and neither can any of the pups who when they come out of our care, they are all desexed.

Lisa said that some of the best stuff with the rescue is talking to people and trying to educate them as to what is happening in the world until they start to see the dogs come through the other side.

“If you are going to get a dog you really need to have one that suits time you have, your yard, fits in with your life and you need to make time for the dog.

“The other and most important thing is feeding your dog good quality food.”

You can find out more about SEQ K9 Rescue by visiting their website or Facebook page and you can purchase items from them at Aussie Pet Collective in Slacks Creek or online.

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