The weather is warming, and summer is coming but that doesn’t mean it is time to stop thinking about house fire safety.

The quarterly house fire figures have been released by Logan House Fire Support Network (LHFSN) and the stats aren’t good.

South East Queensland saw 102 house fire call outs between July 1 and September 30 with the City of Logan seeing 23 of those.

While Logan is not leading this quarters numbers, that title going to Gold Coast South with 26, it is 23 fires to many.  

Across the entire state of Queensland there were 417 house fires. Once again the kitchen and dining areas are the leading places for fires to start with 43.4 per cent starting in those locations.

The sleeping area was the next highest location with 9.1 per cent followed by the lounge room with 6.7 per cent starting there.

Louie Naumovski from LHFSN said we continue to urge everyone to practice their fire evacuation plans on a regular basis.

“Upgrade your smoke alarms to current Queensland Legislation now as there is no point in waiting for the worst to happen, as it is too late.

House Fire
House Fire

“A photoelectric smoke alarm needs to be in each bedroom of the home, at the exit to those bedrooms in the hallway, on each level of the home and they must be interconnected.

“This means when one alarm is activated, they all activate to give residents the earliest opportunity to escape from the home safely.

“Be fire aware and stay safe.”

Figures and Stats

3rd Quarter House Fire Report Card from 1/7/21-30/9/21

417 House Fire Callouts across Queensland.
102 House Fire Callouts across South East Queensland.
26 House Fire Callouts across Gold Coast North.
26 House Fire Callouts across Gold Coast South.
23 House Fire Callouts across Logan.
20 House Fire Callouts across Ipswich.
5 House Fire Callouts across Lockyer/Somerset.
2 House Fire Callouts across Scenic Rim.
135 House Fire Callouts across Brisbane Region.

Across Queensland, Fires started in the following areas:

43.4% in the Kitchen & Dining area
9.1% in the Sleeping Area
6.7% in the Lounge Room
6.5% in the Garage
4.8% in the Laundry & Bathroom
29.5% in other areas of the home

The Busiest Days

67 Callouts on Saturday
66 Callouts on Thursday
61 Callouts on Sunday
60 Callouts on Tuesday
57 Callouts on Wednesday
55 Callouts on Monday
51 Callouts on Friday

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