As you would expect, finding somewhere to eat has been a bit of a doosey with all this corona happening around the world. It was good to see so many food joints make a good effort to stay afloat by changing their business plans and that meant there were some good options.

There is no hiding I am a fan of the hamburger. I am not talking about those pretend ones you get from those American fast food eateries. I am talking about a real hamburger; large buns, real meat that has real flavour and salad that actually has crisp to it.

Everyone has a place they recommend and most stay local to their home so they can buy it and get back in front of NetFlix and eat it while it’s still hot. While I don’t disagree that a hot burger is a good burger, sometimes you need to venture out further to find that quality bite.

BBQ to You is a Logan based catering company that started back in 2007. Now normally you would need to hold an event or be lucky enough to attend an event they are at to get your feed. However due to the lack of parties happening the good people from BBQ to You have been setting up camp at local businesses around Logan City for all to enjoy.

Jumping on their Facebook page and seeing the range of burgers they had listed for the day left me dribbling slightly and with a rapid heartbeat as I looked to find where they were hiding. I jumped in the car cranked Burger Man by ZZ Top and headed to get me a big warm bun and huge hunk of meat.

When I found where they were tucked away my heart skipped a beat as I was starting to get excited because I was about to put my order in their hands and hear that sizzlin’ pan. I was greeted by two wonderful and happy guys, Kym and Richard who served me with a smile despite what would have looked like the Looney Tunes Tazzie Devil approaching.

Although I had looked at the menu online I was still in ore of the selection which made it hard to choose. Lucky for me I can go back soon. When I finally made up my mind I selected the Kiwi Burger and the Queenzlander.

These two burgers are too big for me to consume all at once but I needed to get them both to see how they were as they are two different types of burger.

The Kiwi Burger is a rib fillet steak with bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot and onion. While beetroot on a burger is an Australian thing I will let them off this time. The Queenzlander is a beef patty with bacon, egg, cheese, hash brown and onion.

When I saw Richard lift the completed burgers over the counter it was like the Poseidon of burgers emerging from the depths of the sea of BBQ goodness. My first bite made me understand why I learnt to eat; it was incredible and made the drive totally worthwhile.

So with that you need to find them on Facebook and follow them to find their menu and locations. Plus you can see what else they have on the menu for a great price as it is not all burgers. And when this corona is all over, book them to come to you.

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