Fried chicken is loved by almost everyone and when you can get a fried chicken wings buffet, you know there is going to be endless taste and a day of joy and happiness.

KaiKai Chicken has joined us here in Logan on Watland Street, Springwood, and while it is mostly about the 12 different flavours, there is also plenty of sides to mix and match.

We got our flock together and took a gander at what was on offer at KaiKai Chicken that would suit us as a group of four.

They have a few different options with an A La Cart menu, take out menu and the pièce de resistance is of course the fried chicken buffet.

Greeted at the entrance by happy and helpful staff, we were shown our table and given instructions on how to devour the wings. It’s all done via a QR Code system, and the food comes out hot and fresh to you. There is a system if you can’t use your phone.  

KaiKai Chicken
KaiKai Chicken

The hardest part is deciding what flavours to get, although none will disappoint. The other hard part is what sides to order as all are yummy.

The wait was with eager anticipation as we were hungry and not sure what to expect. When the serving plate landed, the first thing we noticed was how fresh, non-oily, big and meaty the wings are. And when it comes to wings, size matters.

We quickly gobbled the first of our wings down with a side of loaded fries. The flavour combinations of the chicken and fries is fun to mix and match and they are all delicious.

Many, many fried wings and sides later, it was time to end our meal with something sweet. This came in the way of cinnamon jelly donut sandwiches, which are included in the buffet.

The cinnamon jelly donut sandwiches are to die for and while we were getting full, we could not stop. Hot, fresh, sweet and crunchy, everything you want from a dessert.

KaiKai Chicken
KaiKai Chicken

For less than $32, you can have endless fried tasty chicken, fires and sides, dessert and iced tea and soft drink. We will be back because I didn’t want to say bye bye to KaiKai.

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