In the current era, pizza is one of those foods that everyone knows of and there are many fast-food places that make what they call a pizza.

Finding a local pizza joint that does quality pizza, along with tasty pasta and delicious meaty ribs can be somewhat of a journey. Luckly there are some still around the City of Logan.

Mama’s Pizza and Spare Ribs can be found in Loganholme and while the awesome tasty food will bring you in the door and coming back for more, the friendly staff will always be there to greet you.

When it comes to ordering I am not indeSLICEsive and always go for a meat lovers. In saying that, the list of different pizzas is extensive, and all are good in a roundabout way and trying them is the yeast you can do.

There are three sizes of pizza, from something for one all the way to feeding a large family. Mama’s make their own sauces giving them the topping edge over their competitors.

If it’s pasta you want then you’re in luck as Mama’s make five varieties from spaghetti, carbonara to lasagna and more. If you need something to mop up all that sauce, grab a garlic bread or even a garlic pizza.

Mamas Pizza
Mamas Pizza

If pizza and pasta wasn’t enough, you are in luck because this pizza joint do pork ribs in either BBQ sauce or some of Maria’s special sauce. Both are just to die for, and you will find yourself fighting the family for the last meat covered bone.

These ribs are smothered with sauce and fall off the bone with tenderness. A knife and fork are a no no for this meal as the only way to eat the perfect rib is with fingers.

There is one more thing that needs to be mentioned here, and that is the dessert range. Now it only has two items on the menu, however these are worth a go.

One is a chocolate marshmallow pizza and the other is a caramel choc chip pizza with both sending your tastebuds into the spin.

You would have to be a weir-dough not to like pizza, pasta or ribs so be sure to say hello to Mama and the team with you get your next order.

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