Dan ‘the motivator’ Legge is well known in the Park Run community throughout Logan City and has been on a special quest to raise money for charity.

In Issue 5 (June 2018) we did a cover story on how Dan was going to be running from Brisbane to Perth to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease. However due to unforeseen circumstances, Dan suffered some serious issues on the first leg of his journey and had to make the tough decision to suspend the run.

At the time Dan said, “It seems that either, my goal was too aspirational, or my preparation just not thorough enough and either way, I’m here, having to admit defeat.”

“My apologies to all those, including myself, that I let down.”

Although setback, Dan was determined to make the distance and keep raising money for the charity and to complete what he set out to do. With the original plan to run to Perth in 80 days no longer a viable option, Dan took to the streets of Logan and ran 4262.2 kilometres in 72 days.

Starting this new path to victory on October 26, Dan ran the equivalent of 101 marathons in the 72 days, finishing the last five kilometres at Meadowbrook Park Run at Riverdale Park, Meadowbrook on Saturday 5th January 2019.

Samantha “Sami” Porter has been the backbone of support for Dan in his quest and has helped him with navigation, transport, nutrition, crew, tech support and anything else needed.

“I did a number of kilometres with Dan (running and walking at various times of the day and night) and supported him the whole way through,” said Sami.

“I saw him push on when he didn’t want to, feeling sick, feeling hungry but not being able to eat.

Even when the universe wasn’t playing fair, he forged through and got it done. As a run coach, he has proved that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

“If there are obstacles in your way, go around them or jump over them.”

Around four years ago a friend of Dan’s was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and that got him thinking of doing this run and doing it to raise money for the MND and Me Foundation. Another reason for the run was basically because someone said he couldn’t and he believed he could.

“A main reason for doing this…because I can and I love making a difference,” said Dan.

“Extra motivation came after meeting Pat Kinsella – a friend who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Pat puts himself out there all the time raising much needed awareness for MND.”

Other runners from Meadowbrook Park Run come out in support for Dan at the end of his journey and lined a path to the finish. Dan also handed over a cheque for $5,000 which has been donated by all of his supporters.

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