The Eagleby Community Visioning Session held by Logan City Council this afternoon was mostly successful with residents turning up to share their visions.

The community engagement event held outside the Eagleby Aquatic Centre was to allow Cr Karen Murphy and other council employees the ability to listen to what residents were looking for in place of the now closed pool.

The decision by council to close the site is due to a current workplace health and safety investigation at the site and with council recognising that the ageing infrastructure is now approaching the end of its life.

While most residents came down to sign the petition, fill in a suggestion card and see what is currently happening around the city, there was one resident who decided to make a point in front other residents.

Self-proclaimed community philosopher and community advocate, Nate Hamon, went on an outburst toward Cr Murphy which was encouraged by another media organisation.

“We came here supporting you Karen,” said Mr Hamon.

Eagleby Pool 11 August 22
Eagleby Pool 11 August 22

“We thought you were coming down to talk to us about how we can save our pool because you voted to keep the pool open.”

Due to Logan City Council having the main discussion about the pool in a private meeting, Cr Murphy could not answer questions regarding the voting by councillors, what was said in the meeting and other questions related to that topic under confidentiality policies.

“Nate, I can’t comment, I can’t, thank you,” said Cr Murphy.

Mr Hamon continued saying: “Look, I’m not trying to be antagonistic here, I’m trying to just get answers.”

“I want to know why a vote was held behind closed doors and then when we come here to support you, we show up today to sign the petition and show that support, why we can’t than actually talk to you?

“Why you have the media (team) actually say no, stay away from your constituents.”

As Mr Hamon was carrying on, Cr Murphy was standing firm and not reacting before offering to talk to him away from where they were.

“Nate, I love you for your passion and I’m happy to talk to you off camera,” said Cr Murphy.

The verbal event continued for several minutes before Mr Hamon left the event.

Today’s event did prove viable for the council with 30-40 people filling in suggesting cards.

With the pool unlikely to ever open again, Cr Murphy is still happy to hear people’s ideas.

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