Queensland Police have released body worn camera vision of drivers being pulled over and fined as part of an appeal to road users to wear their seatbelts.

This follows an increase of fatalities where seatbelts were not used and the police are not happy with the lack of use from motorists.

Wearing a properly adjusted restraint reduces the risk of fatal or serious injury by half. On average 31 people are killed and 166 seriously injured on Queensland roads each year as a result of not wearing a seatbelt or an appropriate restraint.

Drivers and passengers are around eight times more likely to be killed in a road crash if they are not wearing a seatbelt.

The latest research shows 14 per cent of Queenslanders drive on public roads without wearing a seatbelt.

Children aged up to 7 years must use a child restraint suitable for their age.

The driver of a vehicle is responsible for the proper restraint of all passengers.

The penalty in Queensland for not wearing a seatbelt is $400 and three demerit points for drivers and passengers aged 16 years or older.

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