Division 10 takes in Shailer Park, Tana Merah, Loganholme, Cornubia and Carbrook and is being contested in this election by four candidates.

One of those candidates is long time Logan local Scott Beattie. While in the mix of door knocking, attending events and getting the word out, he took the time to tell us who he is and what makes him different to the rest.

Who is Scott Beattie?

I am father to 3 kids and husband Jo and we live on a small acreage property, we call, Scottland.

I am a 10+ year lifesaver, former Australian Triathlon Representative and a multi-award-winning mortgage broker with 13 years of award wins either state or nationally over the past 15 years.

What makes you stand out from other candidates?

I grew up in the area (1972), I am a family man, I run a very successful mortgage broking business and have a 10+ year history of community and sport involvement.  I intend to continue my work ethic in a council role should I be elected  

You say on your flyers that you are going to give back to the community that has given you so much. What do you mean by this statement?

There are 2 parts to this – I grew up in the area (Shailer Rd, where my parents still live today), I went to school locally (Beenleigh for primary school and Springwood for high school) , I met my wife at the Daisy Hill shops, and I have represented the country with sport (Triathlon) – almost my entire life memories and events come from being in Logan City and that’s what I mean, when I say that this community has given me so much.   

Secondly, our business has been based in Logan since it started (2005) and we have had great community support (as in the community being our customers) which has enabled us to build a very successful business.

What’s more important – supporting entrepreneurs or attracting big business headquarters to City of Logan?

I think both are important – for me, I started as a husband and wife operation in 2005 from my in laws home at Daisy Hill – we are now 15 years old, we have grown and have staff – we are in the process of moving our office from Daisy Hill to Carbrook.

Big business is more than likely better in the short-term for employment whereas entrepreneurs are a more of a long-term investment.

Overall, it’s important for our city to be able to provide opportunity, especially for our youth and ideally, if we can keep people working within Logan, it will only enhance potential opportunity for all.

Is it the Council’s responsibility to make a good city for ratepayers or a good city for all who visit?

I think both – I think we all need to act as ‘visitor hosts’ to our city and of course, enhance facilities such as parks, sporting grounds and roads for our residents.

If so, what do you believe you can do to make the City of Logan a good city?

It’s already a great city – we need to ensure inclusion for all, be in sport, community groups and even our schools.  We are all ambassadors of Logan and sometimes we get a bad rap, so it’s up to each and every person to be an advocate for this city and improve our perceived poor reputation.

What is the first thing Council should do to make the city more environmentally sustainable?

I think a review of kerbside collection to potentially  make it more efficient in conjunction with waste management, including recycling. 

What does Division 10 need and what is your plan on making this division better?

I have a significant amount of feedback from residents and I would like to implement this as fast as possible.

Some of these items have already been addressed or at least a work in progress (such as mowing, a hedge being cut shorter for visibility, mosquito spraying, even a give way sign) where as others will require implantation post-election, such as footpaths for example.

What’s the one major issue you plan to address?

From feedback from residents, a camera for the entry / exit (as there is only the one) of Chantilly Heights to assist in catching crime perpetrators and more importantly, hopefully reduce the likelihood of crime in that estate.

Division 10 has plenty of green space, which is more important – preservation or development?

Preservation is crucial but having said that, I am not opposed to more development of additional green spaces.  In fact, several residents have pointed out to me places where we could see additional green spaces / park areas.

How do you plan to involve residents in the decision-making process in your division and the city?

I have held several coffee mornings on weekdays and Saturday’s and have found them to be very effective in obtaining feedback and issues from residents.   I would like to continue these on a monthly rotation basis throughout Division 10.

What will you do if you lose?

In October 2019 I won All Round Broker of the Year (Qld) – I will continue to be a broker and work in our mortgage broking business with my wife and staff.  (Assuming I am elected, I will resign as a director and no longer be a broker)

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