For two decades a lovely couple have been donating their time and offering their friendship to members of the Your Lifestyle Centre @ Beenleigh.

Jack and Joyce Vanthoff both joined the senior centre and Meals on Wheels group on 3 February 2004, a day after Jacks birthday,  

Jack started out as a driver for the Meals on Wheels and has volunteered in the kitchen and other areas while Joyce was a member of marjoram group and is now head kitchen hand.

Jack and Joyce were nicely surprised by a party in the improved outdoor courtyard. A black forest birthday cake, Jack’s favourite, was shared around along with a cheesecake for the to celebrate 20 years of the couples volunteering.

“The best memories for me were all the older people who appreciated their meals being bought to them,” Jack said about the past 20 years.

“That’s the greatest thing for me. The centre to me has a professional look now and the meals are a lot better now than they were before. The variety is a lot better than before.”

Jack and Joyce Vanthoff
Jack and Joyce Vanthoff

The changes to Meals on Wheels have only come about in the past six months and has seen significant growth in orders.

“I first started at the centre playing marjoram in the back room where I asked if I could become a volunteer,” said Joyce.

“In those days we had to do 50 hours volunteering or work or we had to find a job, so we volunteered.

“When we had done the 50 hours volunteering, we then had time to meet up with friends and enjoy meeting new friends. We will continue for as long as we can until we can’t manage it.

“We have seen many people come through management and all and this management is really good. The meals have changed so much with lots of variety, things that we never saw before.

“It’s a nice change and the management are doing a great job,” said Joyce.

The changes to the centre have increased productivity and improved services so seniors can enjoy the social activities that are now organised at the centre.

With the addition of the new coach and new fleet of cars, the centre is helping more seniors the ability to access the community, not just in Logan but throughout the neighbouring districts.

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