Gel blasters (or gel ball blaster, hydro blaster, gel gun) is a life-like toy gun designed to shoot a gel pellet that has been soaked in water. Gel blaster skirmish is becoming more popular, and Logan is where you can play.

Nuketown runs games at the Beenleigh Historical Village between the buildings over the two-hectares of land. This location is ideal to experience the rush and excitement of urban warfare safely.

Darren Cooper and his team run Nuketown GC Gel Ball Field and are welcoming of new players. Being a military format, Darren shows respect and expects that from all who play while having a fun time.

Darren started out by joining Nuketown when it was at Pimpama with his son who has disabilities and found that they both could grow together and rebuild their relationship through the games.

Six years ago, the group was close to folding however Darren knew that the club must continue, so one thing led to another and Nuketown was saved.

Darren is ex-Navy and now finds playing soldier a lot more fun with. Other leaders and players are current and ex-servicemen and help those who aren’t with combat skills needed for the game.

Nuketown outgrew their previous location and moved to Beenleigh in September 2022 where player numbers continue to grow.

While regular players have their own equipment, anyone can book and play using hire gear and Nuketown ensure everyone who wants to play, 13 years and above, can be accommodated to get a game in.

The sport seems to be a male dominated field, however more females are giving it a go and the club is looking for more young women to join.

Nuketown at Beenleigh
Nuketown at Beenleigh

Nuketown operates every Sunday except the last weekend of the month where the game is Saturday night to mix things up for players.

For parents who don’t want to play but want to wait and watch, this can be done in the onsite café where it is relaxing while the kids are off having a blast.

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