It was two years ago that Southside Flower Market officially opened their doors to the public and since then the business has been blooming.

Located in Slacks Creek, the family owned and run business has a lovey bunch of people working behind the counter and the selection of flowers is so vast it may cause daisyness. Plus, they have a walk-in fridge.

The operation, which runs beside FlowerHub, came to bloom after owners Nicki and Milly Christensen, wanted to reconnect with people after COVID.

Rose Flower
Rose Flower

“It seems like we were just standing here at the launch on the opening day, and I think that’s the whole COVID hangover thing, everything is just a blur,” said Nicki.


“It’s been amazing. Let’s be honest, it’s been two years and we are in the middle of a factory in an industrial area, and we see a lot of regular faces come in, so we have been blessed that people have wanted what we’ve got so just so thankful.”

The shop has a huge range of both fresh and dried flowers and arrangements and special bouquets can be made with any flowers of your choosing.

“People aren’t used to seeing flowers on mass as in the past you used to have to go across town to the markets which is why we called it Southside Flower Market because we wanted to be a flower market.

“Over the two years it’s been an evolution and we were turning too much into a florist. After 12 to 18 months, we had a sit down and rethink on where we want to be, and we are definitely a flower market first but full-service florist as well.”

With the cost of living constantly on the increase and a thorny issue for all, sales have taken a hit. However, Nicki and Milly didn’t stop beleafing, had a reincarnation and rose to the challenge.  

Southside Flower Market Live Singer
Southside Flower Market Live Singer

“So, we have come out with everyday value range specials so it is really good to have those everyday things at the price points people can afford so we are back to the grass roots of being a true flower market.

“Customers are still getting value, but we’ve just really worked on how to keep the price point down but still giving the value and they still have the five-day flower guarantee where if they misbehave, they can get a full refund or a replacement.”

Southside Flower Market was meant to be open all weekend past, however they sold out of stock on Saturday with all the last-minute Mother’s Day flower sales.

The business has been a triumph because they are outstanding in their field and have become another Logan success story.

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