The end of April and officers from Beenleigh Police Station were patrolling the streets at around 7am when they noticed a lost member of the community wandering around lost and on her own.

She had no identification and so officers were quick to assist the lost four-legged friend to find her way home.

Officers transport her into the police vehicle where she was safe and secure until her identity was known, and her owner could be found.

The friendly pooch enjoyed a ride to the local vet in the back of the police van, where vet staff assisted in identifying the pooch as “Chilli”. 

The officers contacted Chilli’s owners who were relieved to know that she was safe and well as they’d been looking for her all night. 

Seems this pooch had quite an adventurous night out exploring but is now happily back with her family.

Police ask that all pet owners remember to check your perimeter fencing to ensure that your furry family members are safe and secure and to also check your pet’s microchip details are current which will assist in getting them home again should they decide to go on an adventure. 

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