It is always wonderful to see a new business open in the City of Logan and in these trying times it is great to see the support from the community when they do.

On Sunday, Southside Flower Market officially opened their doors to the public with their grand opening and it was attended by many Logan locals, southsiders and politicians.

Located in Slacks Creek, the family owned and run business has a lovey bunch of people working behind the counter and the selection of flowers is huge.

The operation, which runs beside FlowerHub, came to bloom after one of the owners, Nikki Christensen, wanted to reconnect people after COVID has made everyone more isolated.

Nikki said we’re so super excited to open the flower market and to have Shannon come and open it for us.

“We’re so proud to be able to offer this to the community of Logan. It’s been a rough year and a bit, almost two years it feels like, and what better way to bring the community together than by flowers.

Shannon Fentiman MP and Nikki Christensen

“I want to thank everyone for coming and I want to thank this amazing lady to my right, Milly Christensen, for all the work, well done.

“Thank you to everybody for being involved, all my kids are here, it is a family business, so thank you kids.

“So, thank you for coming, thank you.”

Mal West from 101FM and Nikki Christensen

Councillor Teresa Lane and Jim Chalmers MP joined with Shannon Fentiman MP to officially open Southside Flower Market.

Ms Fentiman said I am absolutely delighted to be joining you for this opening.

“You’ve got staff that have been with you for many years because you are a wonderful business and I have few things I want to say about this business.

“The first thing is they are incredibly resilient; they are here stronger than ever. They got through the 2011 floods, they got through COVID amazingly well because you were actually the first flower auction to go online.

Jim Chalmers MP and Nikki Christensen

“They are also so initiative and they are big supporters of innovation here in Logan and you did so well through an incredibly tough time because you took the time too invest in your business and do things differently and hasn’t paid off.

“And the other thing I wanted to say about FlowerHub and now the Flower Market is they are incredibly generous by supporting the community.

“And now Logan has it’s very own flower market and we are so excited and without further ado it is my very great pleasure to officially open the Southside Flower Market.”

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