Founded in 1987, the Beenleigh District Model Railway Club set up their station in the Beenleigh area. When the local governments amalgamated, the club continued and then changed their name to the Logan District Model Railway Club Inc. in 2000.

The club has been tucked away in 76 Springlands Drive, Slacks Creek for the last 28 years and currently has 50 members, although they are always looking for more members.

The men and women in the club are welcoming and love talking about their trains and the history of how they grew up with family members over the years being into trains.

The club uses two main fixed line layouts, Kasino HO and N scale. For those unfamiliar with these terms, it is the width of the track and the sizing of the trains to match.

Model Train
Model Train

The club is packed with active train models of both lines and are built so there is access all around for members to work on the sets and for visitors to be able to have a clear look. They are just above waist height for most adults and there a many different trains and scenarios across the club.

Model trains of today have progressed a long way from once having dials on the bench to control them. Now, the trains are linked to your mobile phone or tablet, and all can be controlled simultaneously.

Nicholas, the club’s youngest member, was only too happy to show everyone how easy it is to control the trains simply from his phone. With the combination of hobby and technology, it is now the way kids can get back to old hobbies and still be on their phones.

Model Train
Model Train

The Open Day was a great adventure for young and old as there were many members there to talk about their hobby and plenty of trains, track, and settings to buy for the enthusiast.

The club is open most Saturdays for anyone to come and have a look, just be sure to check their Facebook page for details.

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