Police have released vision of a vehicle as part of the investigation into the armed robbery of an elderly couple and their friend at Slacks Creek on Wednesday.

Around 9:30am, four masked men – two of whom were armed with what appeared to be sawn-off shot guns – attended a property on Centenary Road where they confronted the two elderly occupants.

The four men threatened the 76-year-old woman and 77-year-old man and demanded access to their safe, however the residents were unable to open it.

The couple were then forced to remain in the house while the men rummaged through its contents for 45 minutes, stealing cash.

During this time, a 28-year-old friend of the couple stopped by when he was confronted and threatened by the men also.

One of them put the 28-year-old in a neck-restraint causing him to lose consciousness and stole his mobile phone.

All four men then fled the scene in a small black hatchback.

The 28-year-old man received minor bruising to his neck.

The stolen phone was later discovered down the road.

Investigations continue.

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