Sometime on Sunday night Beenleigh BMX Club was the target of vandals who not only sprayed tags on buildings and the track but also kicked in in a roller door causing significant damage.

This is not the first time the club has been hit by degenerates and had to rebuild what the volunteers work so hard to maintain.

The club posted on their Facebook page, sadly our track was vandalised yet again.

‘Like all small sporting clubs, our committee and helpers are all unpaid volunteers so damage like this just adds to our expenses and workload keeping our track and surrounds safe and rideable for the whole community.

‘If anyone knows anything or saw anything out of place at the track or surrounds over the weekend, we would love to hear from you.’

Councillor for Division 12 Karen Murphy was disappointed to hear that club has been damaged again.

“Very disappointed to hear of this,” Cr Murphy said.

“We have so many hardworking volunteers at not only Beenleigh BMX Club but others across Division 12 who put in their own free time and effort to make our clubs great, only for their hard work to be undone by a few bad eggs.”

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