Ben Matthews Playground celebrated last month with the unveiling of a new plaque almost a year on from a much-needed redevelopment.

The refurbished centre has been a hub of the community for almost 50 years and due to Cr Teresa Lane saving the building from sale, the current tenants have been able to service residents to a higher standard.

Amputees & Families Support Group Qld Inc, offer a variety of services to individuals, families and the wider amputee and limb different community.

“The venue has been amazing,” said Lynda Tilley – State Coordinator of Amputees QLD.

“We were previously in the Logan Central Community Centre which was okay but here everything is level, there’s no ramps which is great.

“We have around 300 Logan members and we’ve been operating for 36 years and the whole time we’ve been in Logan.

“This is all thanks to Cr Lane who advocated for this to specifically be for people with a disability and for the amputees.”

Ben Matthews was officially re-opened in March last year by Cr Teresa Lane and the event last month was to unveil a commemorative plaque commemorating the refurbishment and acknowledging Cr Teresa Lane and the Logan City Council for their hard work and dedication in bringing Ben Matthews back to life.

Ben Matthews Playground Community Centre
Ben Matthews Playground Community Centre

“Thank you so much for this honour, I think it’s amazing,” Cr Lane said.

“When we decided we were going to save Ben Matthews, I worked with the sport and rec team and the projects team and they managed to deliver this back to the people on a really good budget. And bang for buck, we always go for the Aldi version and not the Versace version in division two and seems to work out pretty good as we manage to get a few facilities done.

“I’m really proud that you have come in here and activated it, not just for yourselves, but for so many groups.

“This space, this is just magic. What you have done so far you should be proud of because I am very proud of each and every one of you.

“Long may this centre go into the future and hopefully we’re around to see it for a few years yet.”

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