The residents of Bethania came together this morning to listen to their Federal member, Bert van Manen MP, talk about the action he is taking on behalf of the community regarding the crematorium.

With over 50 concerned citizens meeting at the centre, Mr van Manen said that he had met with Logan Council and spoken of his feelings and opinions of the centre.

“The council have advised me they are working through the issues of emissions of the furnace as I like to call it rather than a crematorium,” said Bert.

“This doesn’t mean that we can’t keep fighting and I have advised council that I will be fighting.”

Although Mr van Manen is late coming to the aid of residents, he is backing their campaign 100 per cent and is doing what he can from a federal position.

Diana Howes is leading the Bethania Community Action Group and has been offered assistance from Bert van Manen and his office team to ensure they have what is needed to keep this fight going.

Diana said that she has almost 600 signed letters that they will be submitting to council with the assistance of Bert.

“Division 5 Cr Jon Raven has contacted me and will be tabling a submission to council as he is a neighbour and wants to help,” said Diana.

Despite the disgust in what is happening within the community, the residents are all coming together to work as a team to help keep their community safe and a lovely place to live.

Acting Mayor Cherie Dalley was unable to attend this meeting.

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