Australia Day is a great day, not just because we get a public holiday, but because we can choose to celebrate it how we want to.

Most years I would get together with friends and throw some snags on the BBQ and drink some frosty beverages, often leaving a challenging day of work the next day. But then something appeared in 2021 and it has been hard not to think about for the past 12 months.

Last year, 4207 legend Chappy Nick and I found out about a special burger that was being put on over a few days around Australia Day. With our love of everything Australian, and food, we decided it was worth giving it a go.

Chappy Nick and Editor Lee
Chappy Nick and Editor Lee

The wonderful team from Club Beenleigh invited us down to try the latest concept in burgers which involved beef, cheese, pickles, and lamingtons…. To our surprise it was better tasting than it looked.

The first bite was like I was eating Australian pride. Aussie beef wrapped in an Aussie cake; how could things be more Australian?

The sweetness of the lamington does not overshadow the rest of the burger flavor, and to be honest, it was nice having a burger without the heaviness of bread.

There are two faults with the Lamington Burger at the Bull ‘n’ Barra Restaurant. The first is that when you eat it the lamington is soft and gets all over your hands. I say this is a problem, but it is only an issue if you care about how you look when eating. The second issue is that it is gone all too soon. The enjoyment takes over and after each bite you just want more and more and then there is no more.

You might look at this burger and think there is no way you will touch it. But the combination of sweet and savory works perfectly.

Show your Australian pride this Australia Day and “Give it a go!”

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