The decision has been made by the Queensland State Government to close the borders to all of New South Wales and the ACT from 1:00am on Saturday 8th August.

This comes as the state recorded one new case of coronavirus overnight. The 68-year-old Queensland woman was diagnosed with the virus in the past 24 hours and authorities are still investigating the source of the infection.

To further increase the total cases for Queensland, two historic cases have been added making a total of 1,088.

Queenslanders who return after travelling there will be sent to mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days at their own expense.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was increasingly concerned about community transmission rates in southern states.

“We cannot risk a second wave. We have to act decisively,” she said.

“We have to put Queenslanders first.”

The move means New South Wales and the ACT will join Victoria on Queensland’s list of declared coronavirus hotspots.

Ms Palaszczuk said her decision was influenced by a number of people who had breached the state’s border requirements, by lying to authorities about their whereabouts.

“This is the right decision for Queensland,” she said.

“We cannot put Queenslanders at risk — it is too important.”

The Premier said losing tourism from the southern states would be difficult, but it was a minimal drawback compared to the economic pain expected from a second wave.

“It is going to be tough for some of our small businesses in some of those communities,” the Premier said.

“But what would be more catastrophic is to take Queensland backwards.

“My job is to protect Queenslanders Health and to protect our economy and our lifestyle.”

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