A clean car is a respectable one and even if you are not a crazy car loving enthusiast, everyone loves how their car looks after a good detail.

With so many products for sale, it is hard to know what to choose. And if you are even a tad worried about the environment, you look for what product will cause the least amount of damage over time.

Solvables is a brand that not only works magic on your car, both inside and out, but cuts down on plastic use, is safe for the environment and contains plant and mineral based ingredients. They are also Australian made and owned.

There are three products in the Solvables line-up, and they each do something different. There is interior cleaner, glass cleaner and wheel cleaner. All are non-toxic and come in minimal packaging.

How they all work is the same principle and yet each does exactly what they need to, make bits of your car clean.

Frist time you purchase Solvables you get a plastic spray bottle in one of three colours, a box of cleaning tablets and a microfiber cloth or wash mitt. Add warm water to the bottle, add one tablet, let it dissolve and away you go. Everything you need to get cleaning.

Solvables Unboxed
Solvables Unboxed

When you run out of tablets there is a money saver. The tablets are available separate to the kit and come in a smaller box.

The idea of a plant-based car cleaning product left us sceptical as to how good it could be. When we tried them on several vehicles, the results were all the same, impressive.

The glass was clean with no streaks and that can be a challenge. The wheels came up shinny and clean and required less harsh scrubbing than other products. The interior cleaner worked on every surface from the dash, carpet and seats which was a good shock and not something we expected from one bottle.

The company has made it part of their goal to reduce waste and plastic from the environment and their products do just that.

The bottles are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic and are designed to be reused, again, and again, and again. The box it comes in and the box of refillable tablets, also fully recyclable, includes four plant and mineral-based tablets, and saves four bottles from trash every time they are used. The box is also smaller and cheaper than buying a full-size bottle each time, which in turn helps save space and money. One of the coolest things is the tablet wrap is compostable when used in the home compost system.

Solvables Boxed
Solvables Boxed

The cleaning products are also safe for the planet as they are safe on washable hard surfaces, have no ammonia, chlorine or parabens, are phosphate-free, safe for grey water and septic, waterways safe, made with biodegradable detergents, not tested on animals and contains plant and mineral based ingredients.

When it comes to cost, Solvables is set at a price point that is decent for what you get in the kit and how long it will last. Wheel Cleaner Starter Pack, Interior Cleaner Starter Pack and the Glass Cleaner Starter Pack are all just $24.99. The cleaner refills are $19.99 for a pack of four with each making 500ml of solution. These products are available from Supercheap Auto and amazon and the next time you need to clean your car, be sure to give Solvables ago and let the fizz begin.

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