In 2019 eight Logan City Councillors were sacked on charges of fraud by the Crime and Corruption Commission, which left the city shocked and with no council to run Logan.

The charges were because the CCC had alleged the councillors had fraudulently sacked council CEO Sharon Kelsey.

The councillors have all maintained their innocence and their defense has argued there is insufficient evidence to bring about a full criminal trial.

Today they were back in court for a decision and the judge announced having seen the evidence and sat through the committal hearing the prosecution has reached the right decision, and the case was dismissed.

INNOCENT!, Phil Pidgeon posted on Facebook.

“Today in the Magistrates Court, the court dismissed the charges unfairly against me.

“I have always maintained my innocence and I am now vindicated.

“I never did anything wrong and now it’s official.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported me and especially my wife who stood by me.”

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