Loganholme State School today celebrated 150 years of the school with current students making speeches while others talked about the history.

This former schoolhouse was built at Loganholme on a site facing the Pacific Highway near the former Cotton Company’s Road, now part of the Logan Motorway.

David Freeman was the first and only teacher at the school which in the early days.

Loganholme State School closed on 28 Feb 1890, reopening as Loganholme Provisional School in April 1890. On 23 January 1893 it became Loganholme State School once again.

Bert at Loganholme
Bert at Loganholme

After the Loganholme State School was relocated further west towards Drews Road in 1974, the building was moved to Brisbane.

In 2009 the building was moved back to Logan City and currently is situated in the Beenleigh Historical Village.

“Happy 150th Loganholme State School,” said Bert van Manen MP.

“It was a terrific morning to celebrate the school’s 150th year, with students and staff.

“Thank you to the Beenleigh Historical Village & Museum, who gave a wonderful presentation to the students on life at the school 150 years ago.”

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