Last night at the Beenleigh Show Grounds three levels of government came together to listen to the community from the 4207 and surrounds area.

Bert van Manen MP, Federal Member for Forde said, ‘I’ve organised this Forum to give people the opportunity to discuss issues, concerns and ideas for working together to improve our community.’

“I’m delighted that all three levels of government, plus the Queensland Police, came together at the Community Forum.

“We all share a common goal, which is for Beenleigh to be a safe, thriving, fantastic place to live and raise our families.”

Melissa McMahon, State Member for Macalister, Councillor Karen Murphy, Division 12 Logan City Council, Deputy Mayor Jon Raven and representatives from the Queensland Police Service also attended to take part in the conversation.

For a change of how most forums are run, the three members spoke for a short time before handing over to questions from the community.

In the two-hour forum many topics were covered with Melissa McMahon being questioned continually about state road infrastructure, the Coomera Connector and crime both locally and state-wide.

Ms McMahon knew many answers to the questions being thrown her way and was able to advise residents of plans that are in the near future. Although not always what people wanted it hear, Ms McMahon could relate to concerns and was happy to talk further with residents at a later date.  

A hot topic where emotions flowed from the crowed was the new service station on the corner of Rochester Drive and Main Street Mount Warren Park. Residents who reside on the streets near the new construction made it clear that they did not want the 7-Eleven there and that the traffic is causing huge issues with getting out of their streets and driveways.

While council agreed with the residents and objected the development, the court found it clear that they are breaking no rules and approved it. When Cr Raven was questioned how it can still be approved when council object, it said it was out of council’s hands and a sealed court ruling was made.

Mr van Manen said it was a very positive night.

“The purpose was to get the community together to talk about the issues that concern them.

“It was important for people to hear from the three levels of government about what we are doing.

“There was no finger pointing, and irrespective of political flavour, I think people appreciated how we are working together to try to resolve some of the problems in the electorate.

“The benefit of having a broad community discussion is that it gives people the opportunity to appreciate how complex some of these issues are.

“I just want to thank everybody for coming along last night. The success of these forums is dictated by the community’s willingness to be involved.

“I’m grateful and thankful that so many members of our community have a belief in our community and want to see it made a better place and are prepared to be part of that debate.”

Cr Murphy said thank you to everyone who came to the community meeting in Beenleigh last night.

“It was a great opportunity for us, as your elected leaders to listen and hear your concerns directly, face-to-face and in person.

“These forums are so important to the democratic process and allow for great public discourse.

“Last night we had some tough but important discussions on the issues affecting our community right now.

“We know there are problems in town and I am focused on working with you to overcome them.

“We need to highlight the great things happening in our area like our schools, volunteer and sporting organisations, enduring community spirit and passion for Beenleigh and surrounds.

“The road ahead will be challenging but I know that by listening and working with you and our Federal and State Government representatives we can achieve the best outcomes for Division 12.”

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