Just over three weeks from the election and one of the last councils to be declared, Logan City finally has a list of who the divisional councillors will be for the next four years.

While the position of Mayor is yet to be declared officially, the communities around Logan have a new councillor.

Division 1 – Lisa Bradley
Division 2 – Teresa Lane
Division 3 – Mindy Russell
Division 4 – Laurie Koranski
Division 5 – Jon Raven
Division 6 – Tony Hall
Division 7 – Tim Frazer
Division 8 – Jacob Heremaia
Division 9 – Scott Bannan
Division 10 – Miriam Stemp
Division 11 – Natalie Willcocks
Division 12 – Karen Murphy

Congratulations to all of the councillors who will be sworn in at a time yet to be finalised; it was meant to be Monday 20th however it has since been postponed a source has stated.

Once the Mayor is declared Logan City will finally be able to get to some normality with having a local government for the first time in a year.

The new council have a lot to prove but will need time to get up to speed on all that is happening in this wonderful city.  

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