Logan City Councillors have a huge workload and something they all want is to be able to talk with their residents about issues, both positive and negative, in their divisions.

In recent months, councillors, including the Mayor, have hired advisors to help with answering phones, emails and to liaise with residents.

The 13 Councillor Advisors are not council employees and are contracted to the CEO which allows them to be given instructions by the councillor they are employed to assist.

Under the Local Government Act, it is illegal for councillors to give council staff and officers directions meaning that the former way the system worked meant the councillor had no input into what their advisor did.

The new plan allows for the advisor to work closely with the councillor and improve productivity of the councillor to ensure that residents who wish to speak to their local representative can do so in a timely fashion.

The advisors also help with setting meetings and booking times in the councillors calendar for them to attend community events and other meetings as needed.

Khuong Vu in his new role at Council

While some community groups have had complaints that they have not been able to meet with their elected councillor, the advisors to the councillors will aid with rectifying these concerns as they will help lighten some of the workload on the councillor giving them more time to meet with ratepayers.

Some of the new Councillor Advisors are Tegan Baty who works for Division 6’s Cr Tony Hall, Lucy Reilly working for Division 4’s Cr Laurie Koranski and Khuong Vu who comes from the office of Bert van Manen MP with a wealth of experience and having grown up in Beenleigh local knowledge of the area working for Division 12’s Cr Karen Murphy.

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