The world is her oyster and for this young promising up and coming country music star, Tamworth is just one of her goals.

Emma Jordyn is amazing talent that Logan is producing right now and at just 17 years old, has already released her first single.

Not your average teenager, Emma is making her way into the country music scene and making a loud noise in the racing world with her drag cars.

Emma is a local to Loganholme, has been performing since she was six, and has a very big future ahead of her. She is presently attending school at Kingston State College where she is in her final year. Recently, Emma released her first single, Not for You, which can be found on Spotify.

“The song is about not letting a particular person in your life change something about you because they don’t like it,” said Emma when asked what the meaning to the song was.

Emma Jordyn
Emma Jordyn

“I had someone try and change me into a barbie doll. Basically, the blond hair, white dresses.

“I told them to leave me alone and I’m going to be me and that’s that.”

Emma attended the Gympie Music Muster in August and performed in front of large crowds. She also sung at this year’s Ekka Country Music Showdown competition for young artists.

Having written over 100 songs of her own, her future ambition is to put her favourites together in her very first album.

At the end of this year, Emma will graduate high school and is planning to take a six-month interval to work on her music, write, produce, and release more songs.

This young lady has her future within her sights as she is not solely relying on music to be her career.

“Hopefully I’m going to university to study law and creative industries so I can become a musician contract lawyer.”

Emma Jordyn
Emma Jordyn

Emma gets satisfaction from helping others bring their music back from the pits of despair as she did in Tamworth for a now very special friend to her and her family.

After being bullied in her younger years, Emma shows sheer determination of a young lady coming into her own as a very strong, resilient, independent, and a caring person. There isn’t anything that will stop her from being herself.

Like many year 12 students, Emma is getting excited about attending her formal. Planning early, Emma contacted Logan’s Fairy Godmother, Tammy at Formally Ever After, to organise her formal dress.

Tammy is a big supporter of Emma and helps her family with formal attire for official functions that they must attend.

“There aren’t any rose gold dresses,” Emma said when asked about what her formal dress looks like.

“Everyone will have to wait until formal to see my formal gown as I’m keeping it a big secret.”

The fairytale doesn’t end here because Emma is also very much a speed queen and likes to go as fast as possible over the quarter mile.

Emma Jordyn
Emma Jordyn

Emma, in her spare time, is a drag racer. Fast cars have been a part of Emma’s life ever since she was nine years old. While it is her other passion and hobby for the last seven years, she hung the helmet up at the end of 2022 to focus on her studies this year.

“My dad has been going to the drags since he was 17,” said Emma.

“He worked on cars and I’m sure he would love to race though.”

Emma has her own team, EJW Racing, and while she isn’t running her own drag car right now, she is crewing for the Neil Murphy 4140 team of which her father is a member of.

The dragster she crews for is a Promod Doorslammer that has a quarter mile time of 5.6 seconds.

While she is taking a break from driving her drag car, Emma still loves going the race meetings and helping the team.

Both her parents are very supportive of Emma with her music, racing, and study.

Emma Jordyn
Emma Jordyn

“She’s got an amazing voice and she touches people that don’t normally feel heard,” said Emma’s mum Sonya.

Emma will be doing gigs for the remainder of the year around south-east Queensland including markets, taverns, and hotels. Next year, Emma is entered into the Toyota Star Maker 2024 competition, and she is hoping to release a CD before she heads down to Tamworth next year.

Emma’s advice to other teenagers is: “You’re all strong and independent and you don’t need someone to be happy in your life. Just be who you are.”

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