The roads for young drivers are always a dangers place. There is a mix of lack of skills and inexperience along with the mentality that nothing will happen to them.

There is one Logan business that is helping to change the way young (and older drivers) are using the roads while also teaching them vital lifesaving skills.

SDT-Safe Driver Training in Meadowbrook runs many courses for people of all ages and driver abilities. From defensive driving, 4WD training, skidpan experiences through to driver simulators they cover it all.

Each month the team head to Mount Cotton Driver Training Centre (or Willowbank Raceway) just outside of Logan City and hold courses teaching road users safe driver programs.

Some of the most important people to get into a driver education program are school age young adults who are not far from hitting the streets. Schools from around the region are making the right moves and getting their students into a course.

The courses vary and students participate in a day of classroom learning together with practical defensive driving. On a wet skidpan with many instructors around the course, the students would do a multiple of manoeuvres putting their classroom theory into practice.

The well qualified and friendly instructors give the students guidance to help improve their driving over the duration of the course. With a variety of cars from late model with stability control and other driving aids, to older cars where it is just the drivers skills that are used. They also cater for manual and automatic drivers.

Although the day is fun for all involved, the skills gained are vital to help lessen the road toll and keep new drivers safe if they find themselves in a situation that could become a crash.

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