Bunkered in the heart of Marsden is a place where people go with clubs to hit objects away from themselves. This place can be either a stress reliever or a deliverer of stress, but the best part, there is no walking.

Marsden Golf Driving Range is located at 129 Fourth Avenue, Marsden, and from just $10 you can have a laugh, or cry, in their modern facility by yourself of with your friends.

While you can’t attend if you are showing your bogey, the dress code is a fairway lower compared to any golf course. Shorts, sneakers, t-shirt, and a smile are all you need to hit those little white balls at some targets.

The venue is family friendly, fun environment to play golf and socialise. Open Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 7pm means a hit after work is always an option.

With the range being the main attraction, the family-owned business does more than just offer a dimple smashing good time. They offer golf lessons, a range of services to complete onsite club repair, club fitting using the latest technology and they can sell you a new set of clubs and a bunch of accessories.

Marsden Golf
Marsden Golf

A single bay can host more than a foursome, six players to be exact, and there is no need to worry about yelling fore to the pro beside you due to your flop shot, because each bay has plenty of netting to keep you on the straight and narrow.

The whole range is clean, tidy, and welcoming and even if you have never hit a golf ball before, the staff make you feel very welcome.

Selecting a bay can be tricky as you will be seen on camera no matter how good or bad you are. But to feel better about oneself, further away from the clubhouse gives that false sense of blissful ignorance that you are not being watched.

Once you relax and begin to lob a few shots, you will play through and enjoy every shank you make. 

Marsden Golf Driving Range also has the facilities to host a party for a birthday, work function or for a group of hackers dreaming about their hole in one.

Flag down some friends and have a swing.

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