Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, the Honourable Mark Ryan MP joined Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus to challenge Queensland motorists to be the safest road users.

Queensland road users love to make the most of holidays, packing the car up and hitting the road to spend time sight-seeing, enjoying the outdoors or spending time with family.

These school holidays, police are using Operation Cold Snap to remind all road users that a safer drive is in their hands.

Assistant Commissioner Marcus said challenging road users to create a safer environment for all Queenslanders and visitors was about calling out excuses and starting conversations amongst drivers.

“It is pretty common for us to hear excuses when it comes to the roads,” Assistant Commissioner Marcus said.

“From ‘I was only just over the speed limit’, to ‘I was only going around the corner’, we know these are common points of discussion among friends and family.

“Next time you hear someone make an excuse for poor or unsafe driving behaviour; we challenge you to challenge them.

“Are potholes really an excuse for crashes on our roads, or are they a reason to slow down and drive to the conditions?

“Is being in a rush an excuse to speed or drive distracted, or is about a changing your mind frame and giving your full attention to the roads at all times?

“We make no apology in holding dangerous drivers to account and will be patrolling major roads throughout the course of this operation. Expect to see us anywhere at any time.

“The responsibility for a safer drive starts with all of us as road users.

“Please remember that when getting behind the wheel these school holidays.”

Minister Ryan said school holidays were the best time to exemplify safe driving behaviours.

“If you’re packing up the kids and the car, take the challenge and demonstrate safe road behaviours to your ever-watching back seat drivers,” Minister Ryan said.  

“Remember that every decision you make behind the wheel, counts and help make our Queensland roads as safe as can be.”

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