The Logan City Local Government Elections scheduled for March 16 will see seven of the 12 divisions go to the polls.

Here, candidates for Division 1 were given the same questions and below are their answers. This will give a little more insight into who they are.

1. Tell Logan about yourself.

Peta Duffy – I’m a long-term resident of Division 1, having grown up in Springwood and attending the local schools. I’ve also raised my own family in the same neighbourhood. From a young age I was active in and around Logan, with ballet classes in Rochedale South, swimming in Beenleigh and gymnastics at the Logan PCYC. As a young teenager I won second in Australia in Springboard Diving and I was nominated for a Logan and Albert News junior sporting award. I’ve always loved sport so these days you’ll normally find me on two wheels riding through the bush or peddling on our bikeways.

Alex Fisher – I have a lifelong connection to Division 1 – I was raised here, went to school here, and am now raising my own kids here. I wholeheartedly believe Logan is the best place to live, work and raise a family and it is that belief that will make me a tireless advocate for Division 1 and its residents as Councillor.

Lisa Bradley – Division 1 residents have been given this information, and I’m happy to deal with them directly.

2. Why are you interested in our community?

Peta Duffy – This has been my home for 36 years, so I genuinely care about our community and have a deep sense of connection to the area. For me it’s about our residents and everything that makes our community so great. I’ve seen the community come together in hard times, supporting neighbours, stepping up and helping out.

Alex Fisher – I have worked for over a decade in leadership roles in community organisations, so working in service of others – particularly vulnerable and marginalised groups – has been a conscious and incredibly rewarding decision. I’m proud to be raising my children in the area that I have called home my whole life, and it has made me a passionate advocate for a better future for all residents.

Having children has brought me even closer to our local community, providing connections to local sporting clubs, school networks, and community groups. It has also given me the unique perspective of understanding the services, infrastructure, and support that families need.

Lisa Bradley – Division 1 residents have been given this information, and I’m happy to deal with them directly.

3. Why did you decide to run?

Peta Duffy – As a long-term resident, I care deeply about this community. Logan is poised to be one of the fastest growing areas in South East Queensland so I believe it’s integral that going forward we have engaged councillors, who encourage innovation and bring fresh ideas.

Alex Fisher – This area has been my home for over 30 years, and I’ve seen some great improvements but in the last 12 months it has been clear that Division 1 residents have not been a priority. I’ve experienced firsthand the outcomes of poor consultation and disappointing local developments, and I’ve spoken with hundreds of residents who don’t feel heard. I want to take action and deliver positive change.

In the last year, there was only one local infrastructure project funded in Division 1 – upgrades to Springwood Park. While I’m supportive of local development, the decision to use the entire local infrastructure budget last year on this one project meant there were dozens of other local projects that were left without the possibility of funding. These projects include much needed footpaths, road safety and traffic improvements, CCTV installation, and support for community service infrastructure.

Lisa Bradley – Division 1 residents have been given this information, and I’m happy to deal with them directly.

4. What do you think is the most important skill of being a good councillor?

Peta Duffy – The most important skill is the ability to listen, connect and engage with all members of the community.

Alex Fisher – Listening. For too long residents have been speaking, but our Councillor hasn’t been listening. The fundamental role of Councillor is to connect Council with community and advocate on behalf of residents, this can’t be done without being able to listen.

Lisa Bradley – Division 1 residents have been given this information, and I’m happy to deal with them directly.

5. What distinguishes you from the other candidates?

Peta Duffy – I bring financial management experience to council, I’m a hard worker, I’m authentic and I’m active in and genuinely care about the community. I have an extremely supportive husband and family and as my youngest child is graduating this year, I’m able to fully commit to Council.

If elected I will listen, engage the community and work closely with residents to fight for the best possible outcomes for this area.

Alex Fisher – I represent the growth that needs to happen in our area, and Logan in general. More and more young families are choosing to call Division 1 home as it’s an incredibly liveable area. The average resident is like me – in their mid-thirties with children – so I am perfectly positioned to understand their needs and how we can shape our city to thrive over the coming years. I am deeply rooted to this area, I’m connected to a number of community groups and have had a successful career in leadership and getting things done.

Lisa Bradley – Division 1 residents have been given this information, and I’m happy to deal with them directly.

6. What would you like to see happen in your division over the next 4 years?

Peta Duffy – – Upgraded community and sporting facilities so that we can provide further assistance for our community and engage our youth, families and seniors.

– Proactive planning for future infrastructure requirements, including protection of our beautiful green spaces.

– Creating a safer community, through installation of more safety cameras, ensuring our current infrastructure is maintained to a high standard and traffic safety needs are met.

– Championing for more events in this area to bring the local community together.

Alex Fisher – If elected, I will:

  • Develop a roadmap for the delivery of a backlog of much needed local infrastructure projects.
  • Invest in community crime prevention including CCTV infrastructure, street lighting and place-based early intervention programs.
  • Prioritise road safety concerns, particularly around parks and playgrounds.
  • Redesign the community consultation process to provide greater transparency and improve infrastructure outcomes.
  • Deliver accessible and engaging playground upgrades that meet the needs of families.
  • Provide greater support for sporting clubs, community groups and local initiatives.

Lisa Bradley – Division 1 residents have been given this information, and I’m happy to deal with them directly.

7. Why should voters cast their ballot for you?

Peta Duffy – I’m genuine, what you see is what you get. As a long-term resident, I care deeply for this community so I will work hard, I’ll be involved and engaged and represent this community in the way we deserve.

I also bring a broad range of real-world experience and understanding to council, having worked many years in financial and senior management both in large organisations, privately owned companies and having owned and operated my own small business.

This has given me the ability to actively listen, think laterally, consider multiple views, collaborate and make decisions.

Alex Fisher – The time for change in Division 1 is here. We don’t need a career politician to further their own agenda with ratepayer funds. We need a fresh voice, energy and passion to deliver positive change for the benefit of current and future residents. There are large numbers of long term residents that have called our area home for decades, they have made this area such a great place to live and I believe older residents need more support and concessions from local government.

I’m deeply invested in the future of this area and am committed to delivering for you, my neighbours, and residents of Division 1.

Lisa Bradley – Division 1 residents have been given this information, and I’m happy to deal with them directly.

8. Anything extra you would like to add?

Peta Duffy –

Alex Fisher – I have a particular interest in support for children and young people. I work in a leadership role at Yourtown, the organisation that delivers Kids Helpline, and have volunteered and mentored young people. Our young people are the next generation of residents and there is so much local government can do to support young people and families.

Just think of the services and funding Council delivers – libraries, swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, sporting clubs, community centres, road safety and more. These are all services that families benefit from and electing a representative with a unique understanding of what support families need will ensure our community thrives.

Lisa Bradley – Division 1 residents have been given this information, and I’m happy to deal with them directly.

NOTE: All candidates were sent the same email asking the same questions. Their direct responses have been published.

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