The Logan City Local Government Elections scheduled for March 16 will see seven of the 12 divisions go to the polls.

Here, both candidates for Division 3 were given the same questions and below are their answers. This will give a little more insight into who they are.

1. Tell Logan about yourself.

Mindy Russell – I’m a local Logan girl. I live with my adult son Michael, cat Michonne, and dog Shadow. I’m an extrovert and love talking with people. I used to work for the Salvos and continue to consider myself a community worker, first and foremost. I love my role as Division 3’s councillor and hope to continue this work.

Kahil Evans – I’m a young Structural Engineer and local freelance handyman with a love for woodworking and rock climbing.

2. Why are you interested in our community?

Mindy Russell – I’ve always been a member of this community. I grew up in Daisy Hill (back then my area was part of Slacks Creek) and I now live in Shailer Park. I went to Division 3 schools and worked my first few jobs in the Hyperdome. I love the people who live here. They’re supportive of one another. Having the opportunity to improve the area alongside my own community is a role that I enjoy and am proud to hold.

Kahil Evans – I’m interested in our community because I live here just like everyone else and want the community to be as good as it can be.

3. Why did you decide to run?

Mindy Russell – Prior to being elected, I worked for nearly ten years developing then operating an amazing community centre called The Family Place. It was a very special time in my life because it shaped my views on collaborating with people as much as possible, as opposed to traditional consulting. I fell in love with working closely with community through genuine relationships, and I am grateful to have been chosen by residents to do this on a larger scale for the city.

Kahil Evans – I decided to run because I really wanted to give the voice of the division to the people, I’ve lived here my whole life and feel like I’ve never even known what a councillor does until I applied so I really want to be transparent with people, show them what’s happening and let them have a say in their local area.

4. What do you think is the most important skill of being a good councillor?

Mindy Russell – In my opinion, one of the most important skills as a councillor is to consider and balance the needs of the individual against those of the whole community. It is easy to make people happy on a case-by-case basis, but this isn’t always in the best interests of the broader community. I recall an example where a woman who had lost her vision would benefit from a footpath connecting her street to the local bus stop. Knowing that it would make such a positive impact on her life, I wanted to sign off on this project straight away. However, to ensure it was a responsible decision, I investigated how this would be beneficial in the context of the broader network of footpaths and I doorknocked all the residents in the street. I was thrilled with the outcome, as it was later delivered with wonderful outcomes for the community.

Kahil Evans – Definitely communication. Everyone needs to get their voice heard, so allowing a platform for the public to speak and a representative who supports that is important.

5. What distinguishes you from the other candidates?

Mindy Russell – For the past four years, I have immersed myself in learning the many complex systems and processes within the organisation of Council. The role of a councillor requires an unusual combination of skills, and it takes a long time to develop. I’m certainly still on that journey, but I recognise that I’ve come a long way. I really look forward to being able to better utilise what I’ve learned in the past four years to continue serving my surrounding neighbours.

Kahil Evans – As an engineer, I believe I offer a more mechanical approach to the bureaucracy of being councillor, hopefully cutting through and streamlining a lot of the red tape behind the scenes.

6. What would you like to see happen in your division over the next 4 years?

Mindy Russell – My ongoing passion is in creating spaces that invite communities to come together. I believe that connected neighbourhoods result in residents who are safer, happier, and healthier. Because of this, I am excited about encouraging Logan to develop its own thriving night-time economy. I wish to further support projects that see families outdoors, enjoying their city outside of daylight hours more often.

Kahil Evans – I would love to see a more community focused atmosphere, things that can really bring everyone together, as well as ensure that every single person has their voice heard should they want to raise it. I want to create a community that isn’t just somewhere you live, but somewhere that makes you want to live there.

7. Why should voters cast their ballot for you?

Mindy Russell – The residents of Division 3 should consider me as a trustworthy, experienced, and thoughtful representative of them in the Council. I have worked hard to ensure the best outcomes for locals and their families, for now and into the future. I ask the people of Division 3 to entrust me in the responsibility of councillor for another four years.

Kahil Evans – If you want a councillor who genuinely cares about you, the area we live in and really wants to give himself to the community, I think you would make a good choice in me.

8. Anything extra you would like to add?

Mindy Russell – I enjoy meeting residents and hearing great ideas. I wish for everyone to know that they are always welcome to email, call or Facebook me, or come and say hello out in the community.  

Kahil Evans – If anyone has any thoughts, they’d like to give me before the election I’d love to hear them so contact me if you’d like.

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