Energex and Ergon Energy Network are appealing to drivers to heed the warning signs when roadside powerline works are in progress.

Executive General Manager Operations Paul Jordon said traffic controllers played a critical role in keeping power workers and the wider community safe and people should always follow their directions.

“When our crews are working on the power network, they’re often working by the side of the road, so we use traffic control for the safety of everyone on and around these work sites, including the workers, drivers and pedestrians.

“It’s really important that you stop and go according to the signs and travel no faster than the recommended speed.

“Thankfully, we find most people are doing the right thing, but it only takes one careless driver to cause a serious accident,” Mr Jordon said.

Queensland’s electricity network spans the state, so the risk could be just around the corner.

“With 1.7 million poles, 178,000 kilometres of overhead powerlines and 29,000 kilometres of underground cable, we have crews across the state to do routine maintenance and emergency repairs, so it is not unusual to come across powerline works in progress when you’re on the road.

“Everyone deserves to go home safe to their families and friends at the end of the day, so please consider the safety of our power workers and the traffic controllers who are supporting them when you are travelling through these zones.

“Follow the signs and speed limits for your own safety and everyone else’s,” Mr Jordon said.

Energex and Ergon Energy Network have launched a social media campaign to spread the word.

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