Eight lives have been lost in three days on Queensland roads.

Police are appealing to motorists to make better decisions on our roads with speed and alcohol a contributing factor in many crashes.

Since Friday, eight lives have been lost including:

  • Three drivers
  • Four passengers; and
  • One motorcyclist.

Acting Chief Superintendent Ray Rohweder explains the impact of a driver’s actions not only affects them but also those around them.

“On Friday afternoon, police responded to a crash at Eureka where a four-month-old baby girl received serious head injuries,” he said.

“Tragically her father, also a passenger in the vehicle, died at the scene. It’s hard to comprehend how that little girl will now grow up without her dad.”

Wet roads have also contributed to several crashes, particularly on roads across South-East Queensland.

“Our emergency services have also rescued several people after attempting to drive through flooded roads,” Acting Chief Superintendent Rohweder said.

“Whether it’s driving through flooded water, speeding, drink or drug driving, these are all decisions actively made by an individual.

“It’s these decisions that can have a significant impact on your life and the lives of those that love you.

“If you want to make a bad decision on our roads, expect police to be there anywhere at anytime to stop you.”

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, but it starts with you.

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