This week is a celebration of everything Indigenous and Mirvac’s Everleigh at Greenbank have worked with local Elders and artists to create a unique display next to their display homes.

The free NAIDOC Week Artefacts and Artist Showcase by local Indigenous artists from Skeenarang-Booma, and Aboriginal and Cultural Heritage consultancy, Jagera Daran will be open to the public this weekend.

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy artworks by Kuku Thaypan, Widi and Birriah father and daughter artists, Uncle Joseph and Jessica Skeen, with a collection that explores the natural landscape, flora and fauna, and stories from the Dreamtime.

Indigenous artist Jessica Skeen said there are lots of different creative processes.

“With myself, I’m a real feeling person and I like doing my art as a part of healing for me,” said Jessica.

Jessica Skeen Infront of Her Artwork
Jessica Skeen Infront of Her Artwork

“When I do create, a lot of times I don’t even know what I am starting to do, until it comes out. I’m very backwards because a lot of people like to have the sketch right up front but that is so not how I paint.”

One of Jessica’s artworks has been acquisitioned by the Logan City Art Gallery and will be on display soon.

The official opening was held yesterday for special guests to meet the artists and to see the artwork before it went on display including Cr Natalie Willcocks who also attended the event.

“It is NAIDOC Week and Everleigh Mirvac are partnering with Everleigh’s Traditional Owners to showcase artefacts uncovered on-site during archaeological digs and educate the community on the traditional uses of the Everleigh site and surrounding areas,” said Cr Willcocks.

“As part of our Everleigh First Nations Celebration there is a pop-up art gallery with works from local Greenbank First Nations artists Uncle Joseph Skeen and daughter Jessica Skeen.

Cr Natalia Willcocks at Greenbank NAIDOC Event
Cr Natalia Willcocks at Greenbank NAIDOC Event

“I was so pleased to meet and chat with the Skeen family and admire their work. It is stunning.”

To view the artwork head to the link below for a free ticket with the display on at Mirvac’s Everleigh Sales Suite at 3 Guroman Drive, Greenbank open Saturday, July 8 and Sunday, July 9, from 10:30am to 11:00am and 3:00pm to 3:30pm. 

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