On Monday, September 18, Logan District Police welcomed First Nations Police Liaison Officer (PLO) Ethan Watego into the Prevention and Engagement Unit.

PLO Ethan Watego will be working within the Logan District Cross Cultural Liaison Unit.

To celebrate Ethan’s arrival, the Logan District had a gathering at Logan District Headquarters.

Ethan was welcomed with speeches by Acting Senior Sergeant of the Cross Cultural Liaison Unit Vernita Pennington, and Chief Superintendent Mel Adams.

Aunty Rhonda Reid delivered the Acknowledgement to Country, and PLO Maria Fakahau sung a hymn and prayer in Tongan.

Ethan is a proud Bundjalung Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man. Born locally and raised in Logan himself, he feels a strong connection to the Logan people.

The morning was celebrated by Logan Police Officers, PLOs from surrounding districts, Councillor Teresa Lane, along with other community representatives and Ethan’s family and friends.

PLO Ethan Watego said he was grateful to be chosen for this role within the QPS and was humbled by the ceremony.

“I applied for this role within the QPS to represent my family and help advocate for people culturally within the Logan area,” said PLO Watego.

“I’m hoping as an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander man I can help bridge the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people.”

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