To mark National Tree Day, Peet has kicked off a new initiative to educate the next generation of Flagstonian’s about the importance of caring for the world around them.

Developed in partnership with Flagstone State School and Interface Landscapers, the initiative encourages students to nurture seedlings throughout the year and learn about how they can live more sustainably.

Peet and Interface Landscapers recently attended a Flagstone State School assembly, presenting each student with a tree sapling to take home and care for over the coming months. The school P&C will use a chart to regularly track the growth of the trees as the students each do their bit to boost foliage in the Flagstone area.

At the end of the year, the students with the tallest, healthiest trees will secure a free tuckshop lunch as a reward.

Peet is committed to fostering sustainable communities and the partnership with Flagstone State School is just one example of this. These initiatives encourage students and residents to come together and actively engage with the environment in empowering ways.

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