On May 7, 2023, Fletcher Campbell, a six-year-old, soon to be seven in June, was admitted to Brisbane Children’s Hospital with the devastating news of having a tumour on his brain. 

Fletch, as he is commonly known, is a little boy with incredible resilience, a bubbly personality, and a passion for life. He is always happy and ready for a good chat. Fletcher loves telling a good old joke or two and his younger sister, Peyton, looks up to him every day. He has another beautiful little sister who is expected to arrive in early July.

Fletch is growing up watching his parents live the healthiest and happiest life possible and you can catch Fletch usually in the gym with his mum and dad or on a football field scoring tries.

Greenbank Rugby League Football Club are really hoping that he can be back out on the field and enjoying playing again like he used to however Fletcher hasn’t been well over the last few weeks and his family yet again had to face unfortunate further news.

“We don’t know what the road ahead will be like, but Fletcher has been through two surgeries already,” Fletcher’s Aunty Kirsty Burnett said.

“One to relieve some pressure off his brain, and the other to remove the large tumour. He was such a brave little boy throughout this whole process. But unfortunately, following the surgery, Fletcher has not progressed as well as we would have liked, as we all know Fletcher is a fighter and will take things day by day.

“The results of the tumour have returned and sadly Fletch has been diagnosed with a Cancerous Medulloblastoma. What this will mean is that Fletcher will now require radiation, chemotherapy and ongoing rehabilitation and a considerable amount of time in the hospital.”

As most know, any medical condition or treatment comes with a huge cost. The Greenbank Rugby League Football Club and his family have set a GoFundMe for this little champ to help with these costs and are asking Logan for generosity and kindness to help Fletcher and his beautiful family make this life-changing journey easier for them.

Any donation will help to cover the expenses for surgery, hospital fees, travel, accommodation, food, and any other treatment Fletcher is going to need.

“Please hug your babies as your life can change in an instant,” said Kirsty Burnett.

“Our families are extremely grateful, from the bottom of our hearts, for any support that is received.”

Next Sunday June 4, Greenbank Rugby League Football Club have 21 teams playing and raffles happening on the grounds, Middle Road Greenbank, to help raise funds for the family.

For more information contact the Secretary Organiser – Amanda 0402 491 682 or Donate Here

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