As a matter of National health, the Australian Government’s National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management requires feedback.

Bert van Manen MP, Federal Member for Forde, said one in five Australian adults live with chronic pain – defined as daily pain that has been experienced for more than three months.

“The goal of this government is to ensure that people living with pain are recognised as a national and public health priority and that they and their carers are empowered with knowledge to understand and manage their pain.”

Chronic pain is a leading cause of economic and social exclusion and carries a significant economic burden in lost productivity. Despite the prevalence of chronic pain, up to 80 per cent of people living with chronic pain are missing out on treatment that could improve their health, quality of life and workforce participation.

The Australian Government have launched the National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management so that Australians living with chronic pain can get access to the care and support they need

“The overarching goal of the National Action Plan is to improve the quality of life for people living with pain, and to ensure the pain burden is minimised,” said Mr van Manen.

“I am seeking feedback from anyone who lives with chronic pain to share their experience so that I can refer this to the Minister for Health. Information will be shared anonymously and can be sent to email:”

The National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management is available at:

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