The Fairy Godmother of Logan is at it again with a new way to help students make it to their formals in these trying times.

If giving students free dresses, suits and other items wasn’t enough, Tammy Robinson has started a trial run of the new project, Formal Ticket Fund Project.

“I realised that even if we can gift our students a formal outfit, there are still some students who simply can’t pay for their formal tickets,” said Tammy.

“Did you know a formal ticket can range between $110 and $200 on average but I’ve had students with even higher tickets.

“It’s a little extra way we can support some year 12 students to attend their formals.”

To get started, Formally Ever After will begin the trial with three local schools and if the program works, more schools will be added.

Mabel Park State High School, Kingston State College, and Woodridge State High School are the first on the list.

“Many supporters over the years have asked to donate cash to me and I always say no. But this fund means people can donate directly to a school account we’ve organised to go to help a student in need of a little extra support,” said Tammy.

“Students who don’t have any other funding available, who sit in the classroom and just say ‘nah I don’t wanna go’, really do want to, they just know it’s not doable.

“How do you ask your parents for money for a formal ticket when you watch your parents cry over how to afford food and rent?

“So, I thought why not try this and see how we go, we have a huge village here.”

If you are interested in supporting this new program, contact Formally Ever After via their Facebook page and let Tammy know how much and for which school and all the information will be given to you.

“The youths we help will be carefully considered by selected members of each school. At the end of the year, we will be told how many students we’ve helped from each individual school.

“I am donating some of my own money to each school plus some money from the Greenbank Services Club Grant we received earlier this year.”

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