Finishing high school is an exciting time for all students and their families, and for 11 students from Beenleigh Special School, the smiles at their formal went from ear to ear.

The class of 2023 were celebrating a double as they graduated in the schools fortieth year of operation.

In January 1983, Beenleigh Special School enrolled its first students. It was officially opened in October 1983 and grew significantly.

New classroom buildings opened in 1991,1997 and 2010, an extension to the administration block in 2003, with more upgrades over the years.

“It’s been wonderful to have the achievements of Beenleigh Special School in the fortieth year but also the achievements of the students with what they have accomplished at Beenleigh Special School,” said Deputy Principal Joanne Carr.

“We have 11 students graduating this year and unfortunately one wasn’t able to make it to the formal.

Beenleigh Special School Teachers
Beenleigh Special School Teachers

“It’s been wonderful to seem them progress through the years at Beenleigh Special School. Some have been with us since prep, and some have been more recently,” she said.

“It’s lovely to see them grow into wonderful young men and ladies and see their next journey, their next step beyond Beenleigh Special School.

“The formal is a lovely night to be able to bring all that journey, that learning they have done over the years together to celebrate the wonderful achievements these young men and women have made over the last 12 to 13 years of schooling.”

To give the full formal experience, teacher Chris Burkin borrowed his fathers Ford Mustang and drove several students from the carpark to the door where they were bombarded with cameras from teachers and families, who also attended the formal.

“Very excited for the graduates as it is a night they look forward to all year making it a very exciting night,” said Principal Nicole Rouen.

“I’d like to thank Formally Ever After as they dressed all of our girls and almost all of our boys and I think it is the third year in a row where they have dressed our students, and we really appreciate their support.”

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